Friday, March 4, 2011

Katie Holmes looks wretched...

Something is seriously wrong with Katie Holmes. She just does not look right and hasn't for a while. I just read a bio on Tom Cruise and trust me, that Scientology stuff is crazy. Just bananas. And they all worship the ground Tom walks on. Their beliefs while at first seem rather normal and logical, after a while things take a weird turn... the farther they get into it the more out there it gets. Tom is way, way into it and of course Katie is required to participate to the fullest.

I think Katie should get the hell out and run for her life. The bummer part is that she will not be able to take their child Suri. That is simply not allowed. Just like Tom's other kids with Nicole Kidman. After the divorce those kids stayed with Tom and are still active in Scientology. I don't think Katie had a real grasp on what she was getting into with Tom. She was swept up into all the excitement that turned into craziness rather quickly.

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