Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ted Williams is bogus....

I have been half assed following this Ted Williams fiasco and really, I find it ridiculous. So, he has a great "radio" voice? So fucking what? There are thousands of "professional" people that have honed their talent for many years that can do a fabulous job doing voice overs. What makes Williams so special? Because he is a homeless dude? Give me a break.

Ted Williams is homeless by choice. He made a series of bad choices that landed him where he was and only because some TV dude had a slow news day, put him where he is now. Well, actually he is in rehab now thanks to Dr. Phil. I watched the episode where he interviewed Ted and Phil reamed him out. Brought up some of the unsavory things Ted did in the past to expose what can happen down the road when all of Williams past comes out. The thing that really pissed me off was that Williams was given praise for being honest about his past.

Hello? What more can he say? It's a matter of public record, he can't lie. I saw though this guy right away. I knew he was still a using addict and this money, attention and fame will only fan the flames of his addiction which seems to be the case. He's in rehab. Good. Better than jail. I see Ted's flame burning out fast and I'm sure he will be back on the street in 6 months. I like to root for the underdog, but this guy is simply a dog.

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