Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bombshell McGee is delusional...

Bombshell McGee had this to say to Radar Online about Jesse James and Kat Von D's engagement:

“Kat what in the world are you thinking? I was with Jesse during his marriage — the guy’s not faithful, he doesn’t have a faithful bone in his body!”

She added:

“If he did it to me, if he did it to Sandra, he’s gonna do it to you, too — once a cheater always a cheater. He cheated on his wife, numerous times.”

Michelle sounded a little bitter when she said:

“I guess he went to sex rehab, maybe he’s reformed, he’s all better. From my experiences, he’s a pig.”

She even offered to throw the newly engaged couple parties:

“Jesse and Kat, I want to say I’m going to be throwing your bachelor and bachelorette parties — if you ever make it to the altar — as well as your divorce party.”

How does someone who is screwing someone else's husband get cheated on? I think Kat and Jesse are an excellent match. I know the perfect wedding gift to send them: a box of ink erasers (maybe if they rub them on their selves they'd both just disappear) and a lifetime supply of condoms. Not only would that stop any reproduction, we could cut the worlds STD epidemic in half.

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