Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jessica Simpson is talking again...

Jessica Simpson is talking about her current boyfriend Eric Johnson. Again. Has she not learned her lesson? Every time Jess "tells all" in interviews about her latest guy the relationship crashes and burns. Remember John Mayer, Tona Roma? She needs to take a Beyonce and Jay Z clue. I don't think they have even announced they are married yet. Not that their relationship will last any longer for that matter and Jessica is certainly no Beyonce, she could at least try to keep a shred of privacy intact, but then again not talking about her boyfriend would render Jess pretty much irrelevant.

Here's what she had to say...

Jessica Simpson joined Maria Shriver onstage at the Women’s Conference in Long Beach, CA on Tuesday and she dished on her relationship with Eric Johnson.

‘He definitely makes me very happy,’ she said.

‘He brings out a lot of light in me and makes me very comfortable being who I am. It’s nice to be with somebody who praises you for the right reasons.’

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