Monday, May 17, 2010

Survivor Russell Hantz Got Screwed. Again.

I have to say, this season of Survivor was the best ever and it's all because of Russell Hantz. Hands down this guy is the greatest Survivor player known to the game. Hero's versus Villains was a brilliant idea and the players brought their best game.

Of course I was on the Villains side, some of the Hero's annoyed the crap out of me but it made for a very watchable season.

When it got down to the final 3 I knew Russell didn't stand a chance. Keeping Sandra in the game was a stupid move. He thought he could beat her but he screwed up. It came down to Parvati and Sandra with Russell sitting there wondering why in the hell he even bothered showing up.

I didn't care much for Parvati, I find her to be fake but she snowed most of the players with her "charm". At least she played her ass off and won the immunity a few times. I would have rather seen her win than Sandra who's only game play was protesting about Russell and how she desperately tried to get him out of the game while no one listened to her.

Of course they didn't. If you are sitting in a number three spot at the end of the game wouldn't you want Russell sitting next to you? It's a guaranteed number 2 position as no one will vote for him.

I think Russell should have won but he has a way of making everyone hate him and even though there have been other players that lie etc. it seems that Russell strikes a nerve in most everyone.

So, Sandra won, I think she sucked and throwing poor old bald, toothless, bandied legged Russell's hat into the fire was just not cool.

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